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My Sirenum launch

We have some important but exciting news to share with you.

 As you may be aware, we are in the process of completing a parallel run with our new software system. 

The new system will be going live on Monday 13th April 2020. This is when we will stop using our current systems.

Sirenum Mobile App ( MySirenum)

Sirenum Mobile App (My Sirenum) Sirenum is a mobile App which everyone should now have downloaded.

The app is free to download

Sirenum Mobile App (My Sirenum)

On the App you will be able to log your own availability, accept shifts, view your upcoming shifts, receive notifications of any shifts, and use the map feature to get directions to all client sites.
Please see links below for instructions of how to use the App:
IMPORTANT: we will continue to use paper timesheets alongside the App until further notice.

Things you need to know

You will need to clock in and out of all shifts. The App will not let you clock in or out of any shift unless it recognises you at the correct site. The App allows you to capture client signatures. If timesheets and the App are not being used correctly you can delay your pay for up to two weeks. Should you work extra hours or take extra shifts directly from clients, you will need to inform us of this so we are able to pay you for the extra hours worked.

Important points regarding pay moving forward

We are also moving over to Sage for our internal pay to clinicians. The following will now apply:


You will receive a link via email to view your payslips online. This allows you to be able to view your payslips at any time. Please note, the layout of your new payslips may look slightly different as a result of changing systems.


You will now receive a remittance created from Sirenum, which will be emailed to you each week from Payroll.
Please bear with us, as with any new process and system there will be errors. We aim to rectify them as quickly as we can. Should you have any questions or if anything needs further clarification, please get in touch with the team. We’re here to help.